Projects Under Development

Professional choreography creation software

In collaboration with college and university dance programs, and specialized dance programs in high schools, we wish to develop this software to help train new dance choreographers.

Using the same short vignette assembly formula, we want to diversify and clarify choreographic choices. The new software will offer several options:

  • Adding individual movements to a dancer model rather than on an eight-beat sequence.
  • Developing intelligent sorting to eliminate impossible movement sequences.
  • Implementing filters to select specific movement categories.
  • Adjusting the dynamics without changing the movement (speed, momentum, sequence repetition, cannon, etc.).
  • Increasing the number of dancers, changing sets and other practical simulation features.
  • Creating a personalized digital avatar.

Interactive dome

A structure inspired by photo booths, from which one emerges with unforgettable memories of the day in three photos.

The interactive dome will offer passers-by who enter to leave with a dance created in collaboration with their friends or other unknown passers-by. One at a time, each person will be able to contribute to the creation of a choreography without knowing what has been created by the others. Once the participants have completed their parts, they will receive the final video, made from the vignettes of every participant.