The project was established thanks to the financial support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec. However, the Coffre à danser's ongoing activities are only sustainable through your financial support. By donating, you would become one of our partners to ensure the project’s continuity.

Here is what your donation will support:

  1. Basic website maintenance: This includes the annual hosting and domain name fees, and administrative fees.
  2. Providing work to local artists: For every 40$ we receive, we will be able to make a new permanent vignette that will be added to the collection.
  3. New project management: The Coffre à danser is full of ideas! Among other things, we would like to develop a professional creation software for future choreographers in training, and the creation of an interactive dome. For more information about our future projects, please see the Projects Under Development section.

Thank you for your support!